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Textile dyeing workshops


Join Amanda in our garden workshop for a day, half day or evening of dyeing experimentation.  No experience needed at all  - just come along and learn something new.  It's easy and fun and you'll be amazed at what you will create in just a few hours.


As with everything at Same Sister we use only antique textiles, they are our passion and so much more satisfying to work with, the fabrics suck up the colour in wonderful and unpredictable ways.


Amanda offers a variety of workshops all based around indigo or natural dyeing and the use of the Japanese art of shibori (posh tie dye!).


Workshop 1: Introduction to the Japanese art of shibori tie dye.  We'll take antique French linen and tie, sew and clamp it before dunking it into the indigo vat.  You'll be surprised what wonders you will create.  All pieces of work can be taken home at the end of the session.  This workshop lasts approximately three hours and includes refreshments. £40.00


Workshop 2: This half day workshop gives a little more time to go from experimentation to creation of a finished piece.  We will work as above but then move onto creating a dyed table runner made from antique French linen or hemp which will be ready to take home at the end of the session.  This workshop lasts approximately four hours and includes refreshments. £65.00


Workshop 3: In our full day workshop we offer the opportunity to create larger more complex pieces.  Fabrics can be used to create cushion covers or you can choose to purchase different "blanks" to dye a ready made bag or apron.  Or you can dye an antique French linen chemise.  Prices vary depending on the pieces chosen to dye.  This workshop lasts approximately seven hours and includes refreshments and lunch. £93.00


Tailor made workshops and gift certificates: If you would like a private workshop, alone or with a group of friends, please contact me.  I am also happy to create custom days for a special occasion and I can supply gift certificates which come in their own unique indigo dyed linen parcel.


All workshops are carried out in the garden workshop at our home just outside Guildford in Surrey.  We have fairly good disabled or wheelchair access; if you have mobility issues, please contact me to discuss what you might need.

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