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A little about our bags

As with all our items, the combination of fabric textures and designs is key.  Rustic 19th century hemp, vintage linens, heritage textiles, block printing or dyed fabrics have such wonderful character and make beautiful, individual bags that we know you'll love.  


Our bags are sturdy and strong, designed to take all that you'll throw at them. Load them up with books, shopping, laptop, paperwork or baby kit and they'll be more than up to the job.


Our tote bags are fully lined, have strong, wide handles that support the underneath and are reinforced where they join the bag so that they can't tear away.  The extra fabric panel at the base helps cope with heavier loads.  The deep internal pocket is a great place to stow your car keys and mobile. There is also an external pocket for items you want to find quickly.


The cuff bag is one of those bags that you can fit your life into.  We wanted to make a bag we would use every day so it had to be comfortable worn cross body or on the shoulder.  The voluminous, fully lined interior takes laptops, shopping or baby supplies  and the wide shoulder straps spread the load. 

There is a large double interior pocket and an exterior hidden pocket for extra security. The cuff on the outside doesn't just let us use amazing vintage fabrics but allows us to use wood block printed or shibori dyed textiles. The hidden pocket is underneath the cuff so you can put things like keys, phone or passport into it and worn close to the body nobody is the wiser.  Generally these bags are fully washable but sometimes we come across a fabric that is a perfect look for the bag but means it has to be dry cleaned.  If so we will make that clear in the bag's listing.  Perfect on holiday or just for everyday we are really pleased with how this bag is just right.

Our day bag is just a simple reversible bag but a great load carrier. Big enough to take a tablet or small laptop. A wide load bearing strap makes it comfortable in the hand or on the shoulder and as the strap is integral to the construction of the bag it gives strength without bulk.  Smart phone sized pocket on each face.

It's a great holiday bag as it folds flat and gives you two looks and takes everything you'll need for a day out. 


All bags are fully washable at 40 degrees unless stated otherwise.

We love making our bags, it gives us a chance to sort through our treasure trove of fabrics and to use that special small piece that's just waiting to shine!

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