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Mistress of Linen has grown from our love of antique and vintage heritage textiles.

The sourcing of antique textiles has been our business for many years and it has allowed us to supply beautiful materials to be used in homes, film and theatre.


We came up with the idea of making our own bag after bags we had bought kept falling apart after little use and we realised they were poorly designed, made cheaply, badly and in a third world country. We asked ourselves how difficult can it be to design and make something that did its job well?  So we made a design, for ourselves, and used it in our lives to test it. Having a bag fall apart and not do its job was just not on so we made it to last and this bag became our large tote.

We had no intention of making it into a business but with requests to have this design reproduced we started to take orders.  Mistress of Linen has grown from that first idea and now our range includes more bag designs, aprons, clothing and luxurious home comforts.


Everything we do is very personal and our designs are the result of careful thought. We only make products we would want to own and use. All are made from antique or vintage textiles carefully selected to blend together and extend the life of the material. Often we have only enough of a particular fabric to make just one item so many of our products are unique.


We are proud that we make our pieces in England and our team of seamstresses are passionate about what we stand for. They understand the quality and heritage of the material we use and their care to quality and detail is reflected in the products we produce. 

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